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Growing up at Calvary Temple

Growing up at Calvary Temple

During our Calvary Temple Sports Camps last year, one of the family’s came out to our Family Night event and spent some time with me. They were asking all about the history of the ministry and what activities we were involved in. They were amazed by the love that the people had one for another. They were so impressed with the generational holiness and the generational commitment of the people at Calvary Temple.


The father looked at me and said, “You don’t know what you have here.” That statement says a lot. In his experience, he hadn’t seen this love as evident as he was seeing here. He was so impressed with the love and commitment of the people at Calvary Temple. All the people involved in the sports camps were volunteers. All the teachers who teach in our church-school sacrifice their time and energy to sow into kids lives year and year. This father was impressed that the teachers who taught me in school, were the same the teachers teaching my children. Commitment to the Lord and his people is one the hallmarks of Calvary Temple.

Commitment to the Lord is what makes all this possible. So many times when people come to visit Calvary Temple, they remark on how much the people love one another and they ask, “How do you do this?” It is the work of the Lord! It is the fruit of our pastor, Star R. Scott, and his unwillingness to compromise and stand for the truth of God’s word. That spirit trickles down throughout the whole congregation. That is how this is possible. A group of people who choose Jesus over themselves.


Faithfulness, it’s essential to life in the Spirit. That fruit is evident at Calvary Temple. Teachers training kids for decades, kids graduating from our church-school and returning to volunteer their time to train another generation, a pastor leading this flock for over 40 years; these things do not just happen outside of the Spirit of God. This is not by accident.

These traits are not unique to Calvary Temple, these traits are in every church that choose the lordship of Jesus over self.


About Calvary Temple

Calvary Temple is an independent church which holds to all Assemblies of God tenets of faith. Calvary Temple ministries include Discipleship Training, adult Bible college, media ministry, and an aggressive missions program.

Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, where he has ministered since 1973. In addition to the pastoral gift, Pastor Scott functions in the five-fold offices of apostle and prophet. He has planted churches, and currently oversees the pastors and ministries of numerous satellite churches.

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